Nintendorks Island: Day 1

Just in case we're all 90 and have forgotten: I made simselves for us. Everyone was harmed in the making of this production. Everyone.

Oh god why is this happening already noooo

NO MORE FLIRTING. Also Rap' is everyone's weird uncle now.

This is the most true thing to have ever existed.

wtf is that
w.t.f is that
go away

I want this thing away from my house. On a scale of how much I want it away from my house on a scale of 1-10 I want it Tay's Level of Gay away from my house.

And now it lingers by our front door, hidden in the bushes, thinking about death.
...go away please.


A Lovely Little Legacy 1.2

Searching the wiki and polling my sims friends, I have found the perfect wife for Forinbras. Bebe Hart. A beautiful sim with a great personality and even better genetics!

Yes. I realize this is not a picture of Bebe Hart. This is a picture of Fortinbras impaling Mortimer Goth. Bebe Hart is extremely difficult to locate. She's never at home, never at the park, and she never wants to come over when we call. It's almost like she doesn't want to be stalked!

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A Lovely Little Legacy 1.1

Welcome simmers, to the first chapter of the Lovely Little Legacy! In case it wasn't obvious, and it's not, really; Forinbras Lovely is a knight. He's got the suit, he's got the sword and he's got the heart. What he doesn't have, however, is anything resembling a castle. We here at the Lovely Little Legacy strive to be Medieval. (Without, you know, having to play the actual Sims Medieval) We begin this chapter with an image of Fortinbras Lovely killing himself. This is to be a reoccurring theme in this chapter and possibly the whole story, if my past playing ability is any indication. Fortinbras' death is a tragic (translated: totally deserved) event that was the culmination of several important factors, the least of which is my inability to play well. But it's no good giving away the story before it has even begun! As all good stories do, we shall start at the beginning. 

For those of you who don't know, a legacy is a challenge that involves raising 10 generations of sims without cheats. Other information can be found by googling 'Legacy Challenge.' (Or by bugging other sims players until they explain it to you, which I have found to be the most effective method.)

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Baby Birds: No, you can't keep it.

Today, I  was taking a walk with my dad and we located a baby morning dove that had fallen out of it's nest during the storm. (The nest was totally gone, cats are everywhere in the neighborhood, and the mother was nowhere to be found.) Actually, we located two, but the other had died and the ants had already moved in. The other baby was very quiet and let me touch it's head. (Interesting fact: Most birds have horrible senses of smell and won't abandon it if you touch it) Later, I went back with paper towels in a box and brought it home. I can't believe I forgot to take pictures of the baby, whom I named Rumpelstiltskin, (Rumples for short, because of his downy feathers) but he looked very much like this:

Oddly large beak, but adorable eyes and bleary expression
The large beak with the awkward bumps will look sexy when he's
older, just you wait! At least he has a good sense of humor.
Cute, no? He was also very quiet until we got him into the car, at which pointing he started peeping frantically. I'm guessing being in a nest for all your life doesn't prepare you well for a sudden long drop out of your home during a storm, being put into a cardboard box by a giant, walked away from home and then a car ride in which all the laws of physics stop making sense. I guess he finally snapped and freaked out when we hit the highway. It was very quiet freakout though. Just constant quiet peeping and shuffling around in the box.

We brought him to the great people at Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Houston. ( One of the first questions they asked when we got there was 'did you feed him?' I told her no and the lady said 'GOOD.' Apparently, lots of people kill or do irreparable damage to baby birds by feeding them the wrong thing.  Even giving them water incorrectly can drown them.

So, moral of the day: Trying to keep baby birds usually ends with dead baby birds and crying children. Don't do it.

Squirrels are also a no no, no matter how cute they look in their little casts.

They told us little Rumples was very healthy and unhurt and would be taken care of well. It's a really great place and I'm very grateful to all of the people who work there. And remember: Wild animals are not organic furbies. Taking the animal to a shelter or wild life rehabilitation is usually your best option, and the best option for the animal.

No, you can't keep him either. Feel free to make 'awwwww' noises though.

Fish. On the Internet.

I love these little guys. Aren't they CUTE? Feed them, go on, you know what you want to!
This post which appears to be simply a mindless posting of something WWW finds adorable is in fact, a deep insight into WWW's personality. The insight is: WWW really really loves feeding adorable fish. On the internet.